About Me

I’m Philthebeast – Poker Player, Tiktoker, and Beast

The Beast

My name’s Phil. Ever since I learned how to play poker, I have always enjoyed the friendly aspect of the game. It’s a great reason to get together with your friends, grab a few beers, and have a good time. I’m no special player. I play casually – but I’m very experienced in just that. My goal is to take you along this journey with me of fun casual, poker – how it should be played.

The Tiktoker

I got a bunch of followers on the app tiktok one day. My username is @philthebeast if you wanna check it out and toss a follow. The response I got on that app of people preferring the casual side of poker, made me want to escalate that reality.

The Poker player

I remember at 10 years old watching Phil Ivey make the notorious November Nine in the World Series of Poker on tv. It fascinated the hell out of me. In 2018 I went down a Tom Dwan rabbit hole on youtube. I watched his episodes on High Stakes Poker and fell in love. I then saw Hossein Ensan win it all in 2019 and that’s when I decided I wanted to make this game a big-time hobby of mine. During those college years, I watched a ton of videos on strategy and gameplay on youtube, played .02/.05 online on Bovada, and had consistent home games with my friends. Then after covid, when the casinos opened up, I sat down for my first time at a casino, and won $1000 playing 1/3. Could be the best or worst thing to happen to me XD. Anyways, since then, I’ve found that home games with friends are much more fun. I’ll roll up to the casino once every couple months, but I know that playing $40 buy ins with my friends is what poker is truly all about.